lgtk is in early development, and for now only runs on cmucl and sbcl. If you want to try it, just download the latest prerelease here (updated: 2nd of August, 2004). For installation instructions, please see the file INSTALL.txt that comes with the package. It is quite easy to install, now that cmucl 19a has been released, and when the interface to SBCLs callback support has stabilized it will be straightforward there too. Be sure to report back any problems with the installation.

The packing boxes example from the gtk+
The "packing boxes" example from the gtk+ tutorial - in Common Lisp.

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At the moment there is quite a bit of functionality missing, and some documentation would be useful too. Questions, comments, patches, etc. can be sent to the lgtk-devel mailing list. The CVS tree can be browsed online, or accessed via anonymous CVS by following the instructions provided here (the project is called lgtk).

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